Letting Go Of FEAR In Your Golf Game

When playing golf are there shots that cause you anxiety? Is there a situation you hate to find yourself because success seems impossible. How about putting that three foot downhill breaker for par, does that cause you angst? The emotional responses to all of these challenges are rooted in one thing: FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real. When shoots that increase the pressure on our ability to perform arise, I had a tendency to think of all the wrong possible outcomes. Yup, I was so focused on missing, I actually forgot to believe that I could make the shot….is that not the definition of crazy for any golfer!

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FEAR Eroding My Confidence In My Shot Selection

I have learned to approach most golf shots without fear. This is a self-taught skill that I employ routinely. However, there are still a few shots from time to time where the pucker factor grows and I feel less sure about the shot I have selected. The funny thing its, my FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) appears to manifest in a particular situation regardless of how much a practice. My apprehension is not constant, nor is always, but it does show up. And frankly it annoys me to no end!

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FEAR – Golf’s Greatest Enemy

Talking about FEAR is nothing new at The Grateful Golfer. It ultimate paralyzes us when playing and forces most players to change their approach to shots. False Evidence Appearing Real creeps into our minds and poisons our ability to play our best. Conquering that FEAR is key to shooting low golf scores. As a matter of fact, it is paramount to being a scratch golfer! Continue reading

My Biggest Fear on the Golf Course

As a golfer, we all that one fear in golf what usually creeps into our minds before we make the shot. It is not always there until that certain situation when it enters our thoughts faster than a bullet train. Mine is hitting a ball short into the sand or water on approach shots. I have worked on this fear for years, but of course there is a bit more to the story,  Continue reading

Conquering FEAR in Golf

Hitting the ball short of the hole is a constant problem for amateurs. Off all the challenges I face on the links, under-clubbing is the most frustrating and obvious in my game. Using the wrong club can stem from many reasons, but for me it boils down to one thing. FEAR of going long! Yup, that is it. For some reason I am afraid to hit the ball past the hole or even worse over the back of the green.

As of right now, this FEAR is over! I choose not to let this FEAR influence my game anymore! I am exposing this dark cloud to the sunshine and making it disappear!

There are many reasons I can accept for playing a short approach shot. A poor lie, small green, blind approach shot, being outside of 175 yards or poor playing conditions. These challenges are realities while playing golf and proper course management usually helps reduce their effect on my game. Occasionally, I can accept misjudging something that results in a short approach shot, but none of the above cause any real frustration in my round of golf! But, hitting the ball short of the hole because of being afraid of hitting it long….well lets just say it really affects my next shot.

Sam Snead Fear

It is time for a change! Proper mental preparation will help me conquer my FEAR of hitting the ball long on approach shots. I must reframe the feeling of hitting the ball long from anxious to relaxed. To accomplish this, I believe that visualization will be the key. As I wait for the golf season to start, I mentally and physically prepare to play golf. This year, my mental preparation will include visualizing hitting the ball to hole on every approach shot!

If there is a situation on the golf course that causes you to feel uncomfortable or afraid, now is the time to address it! It is time to rip off that Band-Aid!

Personally, I like to use visualization. Others like to use positive self-talk to reframe the tough situation. Others hit the range using focused practice. Regardless which method you choose, you have accomplished the toughest part – deciding to make a change.

Improving your golf game is very much about conquering FEAR. Mine is mostly centred around hitting the ball short of the hole. I am choosing to make a positive change!

How about you? Are you ready for a positive change?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!