Discussing A Ruling In Golf

The rules of golf do not always provide a clear answer. Sometimes, a ruling is required through a discussion of the playing group. If a consensus on the interpretation cannot be found, then an alternative resolution process engages to ensure that the field is protected. Of course, these rules discussion rarely happens in a friendly because the stakes are generally not that high. In a competition, however, the proper interpretation is needed. Therefore, a process of finding an equitable solution is needed. This process needs to be simple, easy to enforce, and relatively quick. It just so happens I have a process that you might find useful if you are planning to play in any golf competition.

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Line Of Sight Relief From An Obstruction

It is not uncommon for golf courses to have permanent obstructions on a golf course, like a fence. There are many reasons to have these obstructions especially when holes run parrallel to each other. At Osprey Links, there are two fences that come into play quite often. One is on the 3rd/6th hole and 18/1st hole. I have found myself having to take relief from these permanent obstructions more than I care to talk about. 😉 After finding myself close to these obstructions, I followed a process to take relief, but if you do not know the process, then you might inadvertently incur penalty strokes you do not need.

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The Most Challenging Golf Hazard

A regular reader from Florida, Kevin, sent me these two pictures. He played through this hazard a few days ago. I am not even sure how to advise him on how to play in or near this treacherous stretch of course. I guess the best thing is to just avoid it!

Kevin mention that this hazard was about 8 feet long. Personally, avoidance is the only answer and of course free relief! Thoughts on how to play this hazard?

Thanks Kevin for the pictures. I am grateful you sent them my way.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Taking Relief From A Divot

The rules of golf do not allow for relief from a divot in the fairway. It is the most annoying non-rule in golf! I rarely hit my ball into a divot, but when it happens I find it very disturbing, frustrating, and downright unfair! As a matter of fact, I think all golfers should band together and lobby golf’s governing bodies to change the rules to include relief from a divot.


Rule 15.1a – Removal of Loose Impediment

This particular rule has changed play since it was refined in the 2019 new golf rules release. Basically, any player can remove a loose impediment through the green; so this includes hazards. This is a break from the previous rules and for the most part, I think this is a good change and will help many players improve their game. Specifically, I want to talk about what constitutes a loose impediment. Because history shows that this definition can be applied in very loose contexts.

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