Rule 16.3 – Embedded Ball Relief

In 2019, one of the major rule changes dealt with an embedded ball. Many players still do not understand this rule, but it is important to navigate what a player can and cannot do when their ball is embedded. I came across a great video involving Patrick Cantlay which goes through the steps required to take relief from an embedded ball. This rule is very important in my location because of the wet conditions in the spring and fall. I might be of help to you.

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Three Rules in Golf Everyone Should Know

The rules of golf are a reoccurring theme at The Grateful Golfer. They are important to the integrity of the game, but more importantly for those aspiring players who want to compete in tournaments. This video below by Golf Monthly is brilliant. It explains three simple rules that will save you strokes in the long run!

The three important points that resonate with me are:

  1. actually saying the words “provisional ball”;
  2. when dropping the ball, it can roll outside two club lengths as long as it goes no closer to the hole; and
  3. when taking free relief, it must be full relief.

Did you know these rules and do you apply them properly?

What caught your attention about these three important rules?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!