Changing Golf’s Marketing Strategy

It is time for the golf industry to change their marketing strategy! Their approach of constantly bombarding my social networks, emails, and news feeds is numbing my senses to any possible chance of buying new equipment. It often becomes so overwhelming that I just ignore the white noise and quickly move on to other news articles. Of course, the manufacturers approach is not going to change anytime soon, but I do have a suggestion for the teaching side of the golf industry; by changing a few words in their sales pitch would likely garner more attention to their product. Continue reading

#GolfChat – Caddies to Consumerism

For years, the perception was that the LPGA struggled to remain viable. They never seemed to generate the same viewership of the PGA, European, or Champions Tours. Some pundits suggested that the women’s game was not on par with the men because there was no real flash, no power, or that it just not that exciting. Of course this perception is bogus; if you have ever watched the LPGA Tour, you would certainly agree that these ladies have game! Continue reading