The Most Challenging Golf Hazard

A regular reader from Florida, Kevin, sent me these two pictures. He played through this hazard a few days ago. I am not even sure how to advise him on how to play in or near this treacherous stretch of course. I guess the best thing is to just avoid it!

Kevin mention that this hazard was about 8 feet long. Personally, avoidance is the only answer and of course free relief! Thoughts on how to play this hazard?

Thanks Kevin for the pictures. I am grateful you sent them my way.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Making the Impossible Golf Shot

Have you ever played a round of golf and were left with an impossible golf shot? You know, the one where the percentage of success is in negative numbers. I think we all have and if you are like me, you considered making the shot.

Why, you might ask? Just because I would respond. Sometimes attempting the impossible is just fun. Well a little while back, that is exactly what my friend Blair did; he tried the impossible shot! Continue reading