Is Grip Size Important?

The evolution of my golf game was slow and sometimes challenging. In my early years, I felt that off the rack equipment was well suited for my game. Therefore, I never really focused on the finer aspects of how technology could improve my overall game. That is until I decided to compete more and needed every advantage I could find to lower my golf scores. That is when I stumbled across the knowledge of how golf grip size was an important concept I completely overlooked. Well, not any more!

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Giving Bad Advice on the Golf Course

Offering advice on any subject is tricky. Offering advice on a subject that you are not really familiar with does not make good sense. Offering advice while playing golf could be fatal! I have played thousands of rounds of golf and through the years I have offered unsolicited advice, solicited advice, and refused to give advice; but the one constant in everything was that it was always the wrong time!

Before anyone pulls out their Golf Canada rule book and starts quoting rule 8-1, and proceeds to tell me that “Advice’’ is any counsel or suggestion that could influence a player in determining his play, the choice of a club or the method of making a stroke; I never give advice during a competition. If you are wondering, here is what others have to say: Continue reading