Par 3 OB – A Golf Rule Interpretation

I have a rules question that I am hoping you can solve. I call it Par 3 OB. It is pretty simple in concept, but the 4 people I asked, including my club pro, I received the “ooohhh, I am not sure”. My club pro even suggested that if he was a playing partner, I might get slapped. He was joking of course…..I think 😉 . Regardless, this is something I need clarification on because it happened last week and I am unsure what to do.

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Animal Hazards in Golf

In golf, animal hazards are not as uncommon as most people think. Sometimes, interference by an animal can make you laugh or cause disbelief, but it will never cost you strokes.

Rule 18 – Ball at Rest Moved.

Rule 18-1. By Outside Agency – If a ball at rest is moved by an outside agency, there is no penalty and the ball must be replaced.

This video was sent to me by a friend. Enjoy!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links…..very soon!