Adjusting To The New Rules of Golf

After two months of the new rules of golf being in effect, the golfing world has seen some controversy. It is interesting to see what players and fans are choosing to worry about, but that is always the case when major change happens within a community. Golf is no different. Unfortunately, we are still snow bound in the northern climes so it has not affected us that much. But, the potential storm is just on the horizon.

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The Slow Play Debate Rages On at the PGA Tour!

My Twitter feed was on fire over the past few days with the constant complaining of slow play from the Genesis Open last weekend. At the forefront of everything was the play of the eventual winner: JB Holmes. He was one example of how the PGA Tour is losing the battle between showing the top players and not having to watch them for 6 hours!

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The New Rules Are Coming!

I am not sure about you, but I am excited that the new rules of golf are coming! It is exciting because a revamp like this has not happened in many years. There will be many changes and as such, I will cover most of them over the next few months. I think it is important to be ready come January with the new knowledge needed to play my favourite game. Understanding and knowing the rules are stroke and time savers; but is everyone as excited as me? Continue reading

Rules of Golf: Rule 10 – Order of Play

Just about everything in golf has a rule governing what is appropriate behaviour, legal equipment, and what order do players proceed during a golf hole. It would surprise many of you that Rule 10 – Order of Play, was not designed to help the pace of play, but to ensure no player gains an advantage over the other by playing out of turn. Continue reading

Badges, We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges!

The famous quote in the article title is from the movie ‘Blazing Saddles’ by Mel Brooks. This iconic movie from 1974 has many famous lines, but this one is probably one of the most well-known. It can be used in different facets of my day, but more importantly, it signifies a part of golf that escape many beginners. In golf, everyone wears an imaginary badge and everyone is an official. Yet, we do not need to wear one to enforce the rules. Continue reading