I am Out of The Club Championship

My second chance at winning the Club Championship is officially over. I played my second match on Friday and for the second time lost in the home stretch. As you may remember, Osprey Links runs stroke and net Match Play tournaments to determine the club champion and to award a parking spot. Unfortunately, I could not close the deal and I will have to wait until next year to throw my hat into the ring again.

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Coming From Behind for the Win in Golf

It is a challenge to hunt down the leader of a golf tournament. Chances are, they have played well and earned the top spot on the leader board. However, as a fellow competitor, I always devise a strategy to close the gap and hopefully my ball striking will support this plan. Regardless, I never enter into a tournament without devising away to win. Do you?

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Pressing Your Advantage In Match Play

Playing in golf tournaments is great fun. I like all kinds of formats, but the game that has the most strategy is Match Play. There is always an element of mind games that never goes away. Depending on the how many strokes I give away (I have only received 1 stroke in the past 10 years) sets the stage on how I play the round. But, one aspect of my strategy rarely changes, when to press my advantage. Continue reading