Pressing Your Advantage In Match Play

Playing in golf tournaments is great fun. I like all kinds of formats, but the game that has the most strategy is Match Play. There is always an element of mind games that never goes away. Depending on the how many strokes I give away (I have only received 1 stroke in the past 10 years) sets the stage on how I play the round. But, one aspect of my strategy rarely changes, when to press my advantage. Continue reading

Gimmie Putts, Are they a Thing?

Gimmie putts are a thing. Regardless of who we are playing with, we have told our playing partners to pick up their ball. Sometimes it is a mercy gimmie and sometimes it is for strategy, but gimmies are an unofficial part of golf. Last year, I played over 80 rounds of golf and except for tournaments, I will pick up my ball from time to time when playing. Is this fair, probably not, but it is a reality of modern golf. Continue reading

Hitting the Range is Important!

I came across the videos below and I there was thinking a larger story. How do we prepare our game for the unexpected the course when playing golf?  Is there something I am missing by training only at the range?

Hitting the range is very important to improving our golf game because it allows us work developing the consistency needed to play well. My attendance at the range varies throughout the year and when I go, I practice with intention.  Continue reading

Winning a Scramble Tournament

On Friday past, I played in a work scramble tournament. It is low-key annual event that saw over 100 participants. The great majority of players were beginners or those who only play a couple of times a year, so the focus of the event was having fun. As a top player at 22 Wing, there was a high expectation from everyone that my team would win. Well, my team did not disappoint and we eventually won with a minus 7. However, the win was less important than a couple of the things I learned. Continue reading