Dropping Strokes Through A Poor Setup

Typical to the start of my golf season, I fail to align all my ducks. It takes a bit of time to align things in order to find that sweet spot I need to hit the ball properly consistently. During my round earlier in the week, I experience a failure in my shot setup which resulted in many strokes over par for the front nine. Yes, it was frustrating, but no it was not unexpected. I attribute my poor swing to many factors, however my setup was the main culprit.

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Same Golf Swing With Different Clubs

The topic of using a different swing for different golf clubs often arises when chatting with my friends. Because each club is designed for a different purpose and distance, many feel that a different style of swing is warranted. It is an interesting concept, but not one that I do not subscribe too because I have a difficult enough time maintaining one swing. I will make a disclaimer about this topic: this discuss centers around a full swing and full swings only. Having established the parameters of our discussion, I think I understand where the confusion arises for most amateurs and it really has nothing to do with the actual swing mechanics. The challenge centers around their setup and expected results.

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