Hitting The Long Ball In Golf

Every golfer wants to hit the ball 300 yards off the tee. I know I would love to have that long ball distance, but alas it is not possible. There is a misnomer about what hitting the long ball actually means. I average 240 yards off the tee on a good day, but generally it is closer to 230 yards. Keeping driving distances in perspective, hitting a long ball for me would be 260 yards. Periodically, I am able to poke one out that really travels. I wish I could do it all the time, however it does not seem to be possible. Therefore, for my game, 260 yards is a long ball. But what does that mean in the big scheme of my golf game?

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Five Golf Tips I Wish I Knew When I Started Golf

I mentioned many times that I am a student of the game. This wonderful journey of gaining knowledge has provided many positives. The more I learn, the more I realize that I my journey started way to late. I guess that as I matured, I realized that understanding more about my golf passion was the key to better golf. It seems that every day I find something that could have helped my game if I hand only knew. Well, lucky for you I love to share what I find and this particular video will be a foundation builder that all beginners should know.

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How Shallow Is Your Backswing?

Believe it or not, the topic of how shallow my club position during my back and downswing has never come up. I never really thought about it. After watching a video my Andrew Rice, I realized that I needed to look into this topic a bit deeper. The gist of the topic is ensuring the club shaft in is the correct position on my downswing to ensure I generate the maximum power possible. Rice explains that there is an active or passive approach to shallowing that escaped my attention in the past. Well, I am over that now and think it is something I need to investigate.

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Is There A Difference Between Driver And Iron Swings?

My first steps in my golfing journey created the positive conditions of learning that has been ongoing for 40+years. I will admit that in the past 25 years I have become a student of the game. My path was not always smooth, yet it was one of golf enlightenment. Before I get a head of myself, I realized about 15 years ago that my educational trek will never end and that has helped reduce my frustration will learning new golf skills. Recently, I decided to focus on my driver swing because one of my 2021 goals is to add ten yards off the tee and remain in play. This goal directed my efforts to analyze the difference between my driver and iron set up, swing, and follow through. Not surprisingly, my golf knowledge has grown and I am excited to continue down this current path.

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What Golf Professionals Should Do During Practice Rounds

I think that the video speaks for itself.

I thought this interaction with a potential young player was well worth sharing.

Have an awesome day!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!