When Your GPS Dies on the Golf Course…..

The reliance on electronic measuring devices has exploded over the past 5 years. Virtually every serious golfer has at least one device they carry during each round. Personally, I use a Garmin Approach 6 because of the versatility it offers when playing new courses. On my home course, I do not use my electronic measuring device all the time because I know the distance to the center of the green from most locations.

Now just suppose what would happen if your GPS dies on the golf course at a critical time. Would most players panic or pull out another device. This is a question I posed a couple of days back and I think you would surprised at the answer!

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Garmin Approach G6

Three weeks ago I went looking for a range finder.  Being in many groups where someone has this tool, I thought it would be something to investigate.  I looked at several types, but did not see their value.  I found them difficult to use.  So I went away still considering my next course of action.  Two weeks ago, I was playing with a friend who received a Garmin Approach G6 for his birthday.  It was his first time using this device, but we found it very valuable because it provided valuable yardages on a course we had not played in years (the Highview Golf Course).  Specifically, we found the distances to the hazards, middle of the fairway and the green extremely helpful.

Garmin Approach G6

Excited about this device, I went to the nearest Golf Town and bought one!  Since my impulsive purchase, I have improved my club selection and approach shots into the green.  Using it 4 times already, it is now an integral part of my game.  The following video gives a very good overview of the device.

The Garmin Approach G6 has 28,000+ preloaded courses, excellent back lighting for in the sun, measures distances, keeps score in four different modes and gives exact distances to from, middle and back of the green.  It fits in your pocket and has a battery that will last up to 15 hours.  Lastly, it has free lifetime uploads of new courses constantly being developed for display.  Overall, it is an excellent device and I am grateful to have purchased it!

Previously, I often wondered if using a GPS or range finder took away from the spirit of the game.  However, after using the device I can honestly say that it is improving my course management, pacing off of distances, and focusing on proper club selection.  So, I have stopped wondering and started using this rules sanction tool.  Do you use a device to help with yardage?  What do you think?