Putter Grip Pressure – Is It Important?

How tightly we grip your putter is very personal. It really depends on your stroke and tempo when putting. Personally, I grip my putter with a loose grasp and keep it very consistent through my entire putting motion. There really is no right answer as to putter grip pressure, it is something that you have to decide for yourself. There are, however, some aspects of the putting stroke that are must be followed; yet pressure on the putter is not really one of them.

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Golf Grip Tension is Important

How tight do you hold your golf club? Do you grip it like you are climbing a rope or holding precious glass treasure? This is a question that I ask myself routinely as I make different shots during any given round. After thinking about it lately, I have decided that adjusting my grip tension for different shots is a natural act and not something I need to consciously think about. However, a different grip tension is important to successful golf and lower golf scores.

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Grip Pressure When Chipping

How tightly do you grip your club when chipping from 5 yards, 10 yards, or 25 yards off the green? Does it change or do you maintain a consistent pressure? Over the years, I have asked these and many other questions with no real consensus. It appears to be a personal thing that each player needs to develop for themselves.

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Re-Gripping my Golf Clubs

Image from PGA.comIt is time to regrip my golf clubs. I dropped them off at my buddy who is going to put them on for me (thanks Blair) so I can start my season fresh. I found that all my clubs  were worn at both thumb locations; hence this tells me that I have a slight grip problem. Effectively, I am usually gripping my club to tightly when making my swing. Continue reading

Lead or Trail Hand While Putting

The putting grip is the most important and personal of all grips. It is both a strength and weakness depending on how things are going on the greens. When putting, I try to keep equal pressure with both hands and swing my putter with my shoulders. This technique works for me and produces the solid even contact I desire with the flat stick. Continue reading