Changing the Loft When Chipping

The loft on a golf club are designed for specific reasons. Some are lower lofts to hit the ball far and others are higher to help control your shot at the pin. This is a known fact and yet many players grab a lofted club (like a wedge) and change their stance and grip to de-loft the face. I have to admit that early in my career, I felt it was the right thing to do, but now it just seems crazy!

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The Christmas Turkey Golf Drill

Before you get too excited, this post is not about eating Christmas Turkey. This is a unique golf drill brought to you by Me and My Golf.

It made me laugh and I thought it might make you laugh as well. Additionally, it is has a great tip associated to hand position at the top of your golf swing. Enjoy! Continue reading

Are Long Irons Important?

Long Irons are the most misunderstood clubs in a golfer’s bag.  In some cases, these tools are dusty and look like brand new.  Most beginners look at their long irons with fear and contempt because they find them difficult to hit and very unforgiving.  Regardless of what your fears are associated with your long game; there are no secrets to success from 200 yards out.

There are many pundits who have the answers on long irons.  Some will tell you to move your hands forward, others move them back.  Experts talk about where to place the ball; forward, backward, or centre.  Even your buddies talk about swing plane, releasing your hands early, weight shift, and on and on.  Talk about white noise….please make it stop!

The basic mechanics of a golf swing are not supposed to change regardless of which club is in your hands.  Most players take that to mean that exactly everything remains exactly the same. Unfortunately, that is not true.  Using long irons is a perfect example.  Below are two short videos that focus on a couple of aspects when hitting long irons.  They advice is simple and easy to follow.

The discussion about posture and maintaining balance is very important when hitting long irons.  It is important not to over swing, but maintain your normal rhythm.

Hand placement is very important with long irons.  Most players reach when trying to hit long irons and that is a result of improper hand position.

If you are still having difficulty hitting your long irons, take the fear out of your came and consider switching to hybrids.  There are some unique advantages to hybrids over irons especially for a higher handicap player. Although I was not trying to break 100, I switched to hybrids two years ago.  This switch increased my confidence from 200 yards out and help lower my score.

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!