Golf PSA: Stay Hydrated On The Golf Course

My PSA might sound like a no-brainer, yet as my season is beginning it is important to remember to say protected on the golf course. Hydration is a critical health requirement when playing golf and it is easy to overlook carrying water when playing. Personally, I always carry one litre of water as a minimum because I have felt the affects of dehydration on the golf course and it is not fun. Ensuring we are physically ready for playing golf in the heat will transfer to lower golf scores most of the time.

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Carrying My Golf Clubs

This year, I only carried my golf clubs for a few rounds. I found that the wet conditions seemed to make toting my sticks more difficult than normal. I actually missed carrying and will make a concerted effort to carry more in the spring and fall of 2021. This golf season has been very strange and not carrying is just another example of how 2020 through me for a loop.

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Golf And Fitness – More Than Just A Myth

Over the years, I have discussed the many fantastic benefits of golf. I believe that golf is fantastic for my mental and physical health and as such is one of the reasons I started The Grateful Golfer. Recently, Matthew from, reminded me that golf really is beneficial to my well-being and thought it important to share an article written by Steven Keipert.  To my surprise, I was mentioned as a source in the article.  Continue reading