Golf Is Exercise!

I have often been told that golf is not really a sport because it is not active enough……says a person who has never swung a golf club. Regardless of your skill level, walking the golf course is great exercise and should not be discounted out of hand. Most courses I play are measured at an average of 6300 yards. That is a minimum of 6300 steps if I walk in a complete straight line. Of course, we know that never happens, so I walk a great deal more during every round. How about your?

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How Much Is Too Much Golf?

Obviously, the quick answer from most avid players is that there is never too much golf. Well, I will admit that I think that golf is very important past time – hobby – lifestyle, there is a time where I find that I need a short break from the game. I need to recharge my batteries, both physically and mentally, and step away to do different things. The challenge is to know when that time is before it becomes a forced rest.

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The Importance of Fitness for the Senior Golfer

After turning 57 just before Christmas, I continue to be reminded of how important fitness is life. Remaining active is paramount for my good health moving forward. I have to admit that it is more challenging as I age to remain active and my mind is always saying yes, but my body sometimes rebels at the idea of moving around. I guess this is a fact of life as we age, however, if I want to continue golfing (and other things) for the next 25 years, the now is the time to set the foundation of a strong, healthy, active lifestyle. Continue reading