Stop Complaining and Start Fixing Your Golf Game

It is funny how certain things pop up again and again. The idea of improving my golf game is never far from my thoughts. It is a journey I like to travel and most of the time it can be applied to my regular life. The following words of wisdom fits into these categories and something I believe is important to personal growth.

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Making Changes to Your Golf Game

I am just throwing this out today! Over the past few weeks, many of the Grateful Golfer Community are talking about plans, practicing and shooting lower scores. As we enjoy this year’s golf journey remember:


I am continuing to work, change, adjust, and enjoy my game this year. How about you?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Desire to Succeed

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Desire is a driving force! It is the fuel that drives the machine of life. Desire is what quietly pushes you towards achieving your goals. This philosophy, if followed, can expand your very existence beyond what you may think is possible. Desire provides the ‘get up and go’, for those who always seem to be motivate. This very ideal is important to any golfer wanting to achieve success.

Many amateurs talk about wanting to be better golfers. They discuss various techniques of great shots to lower their score, but rarely practice. They continually buy more equipment thinking they are working on their game, but nothing changes. They watch the professionals, looking for the next big tip, but forget to try it when they go to the course. Personally, I have been in this exact situation early in my golfing days. I thought I was working on my game, but actually I was not changing anything yet expected different results.

About 25 years ago something changed. I received a taste of what it was like to break 80 and thought how great it felt! From that point, my expectations changed and with that my desire to be a scratch golfer was born. Since that time, I have practiced, learned, and focused my attention on how to play better golf. The cool thing is, as I took baby steps towards improving, my desire continued to grow. Now, my desire has morphed into a passion for golf. Interestingly, as my desire/passion grew – my baby steps turned into a brisk walk – then a jog. Now, my desire to improve all aspects of my game is like an erupting volcano! As I move forward, I am learning to harness and focus this passion to steadily improve my game.

Desire is important to success; however people must decide for themselves how good of a golfer they want to be! The only right answer is the one the individual chooses!
I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links…soon!