Keeping My Hands Quiet While Chipping

I cannot tell a lie. Sometimes, I purposely engage my wrists to apply extra spin on the ball with the intent of stopping the ball the faster. Of course this foolish attempt to place extra action on the ball usually ends in failure. Most of the time I end up flipping my wrists and my ball ends up short. Then I remind myself that I need to keep my hands quiet to ensure that my club does all the work and reap all the benefits.

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Hinge and Hold Chipping By Phil Mickelson

Most golfers struggle with getting up and down from within 50 yards of the green. I know, I practiced these distances often in the past and with my DIY chipping area in my yard I can devote even more time to successful chipping. Phil Mickelson, arguably one of the best wedge player ever, talks about using the hinge and hold chipping technique out to 50 yards from the green. I use something similar, but after watching his video, I can see the value to Mickelson’s chipping tip.

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