Swing Speed And Ball Direction In Golf

Most amateurs equate swing speed with ball distance. This thought process is correct (to a degree), however it is not the only affect swing speed has on your game. Swing speed can be defined as how fast the golf club is traveling when it strikes the ball. There are several ways to generate swing speed that amateurs can investigate, yet that is not the topic of today’s post. I can tell you that the process of increasing our swing speed can be challenging because of the change in mechanics we employ thinking that we are helping our game. When in fact, we are causing more challenges at impact, thus causing our ball to every which way. There is a simple explanation for our direction woes that was not that simple to figure out.

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Want Vs. Need

During the holiday season, we all struggle with the want versus need question.  We think, over think, lament, internally discuss and ultimately stress over what I want versus need to improve my golf game.  Think about what you want for Christmas.  Now think about what you need for Christmas.  Is there a disconnect?  In some cases, probably; in the select few, no.

Want versus Need

The want versus need discussion always evolves into a catch 22. But really, most golfers confuse their want versus need.  Here are some examples:

  • I want to hit the ball farther!  I need a new driver!
  • I want lower scores.  I need to play more on the course.
  • I want to hit the ball straighter.  I need to change my grip, stance, back swing…..every time.
  • I want to break 100.  I need better equipment.
  • I want to be a better putter.  I need a new putter.

I bet you can see the pattern developing – the focus for most people on the want versus need dilemma is equipment.  It is quite possible to shift the wants and needs above into many combinations; only your imagination will limit you.

However, is this really the way to look at the want versus need questions?  How about we re-frame the statements:

  • I want to hit the ball farther.  I need go to the range a practice.
  • I want lower scores.  I need to learn more about course management.
  • I want to hit the ball straighter.  I need to take lessons from my local pro.
  • I want to break 100.  I need to practice my short game.
  • I want to be a better putter.  I need practice my putting before each round.

To understand the want versus need aspect of golf, and in life, actually requires introspection on what is the real challenge.  Do not get we wrong, sometimes new equipment is required, but an ugly swing with a $100 dollar driver is just as ugly with a $500 driver.  The only difference is that with a $500 dollar driver, you can hit the ball further into the woods!

Well, I am off to Golf Town to look for a new driver!  Just kidding!  I am a grateful golfer! See you on the practice range!