Tips For The Beginner and Experienced Golfer

When fledgling golfers take up the game, they sometimes wonder about the basic nuances of the game. Well, not to worry because I found a video that will help you to start building a knowledge of the game that can be a great part of your leisure time.

Tip number 11 is a very good tip that many beginners overlook. I played many inexpensive balls over the years and realize that I did not always have to pay a great deal of money to find the ball that fits my game. I was never limited or loyal to a manufacturer because I believed and believe that each has something to offer every golfer.

The decision to play a specific ball is a personal one and I wish you luck on your pursuit of the perfect ball for your game.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Creating Torque Can Cause Swing Issues

There is a science to the golf swing. There are so many moving parts that the slightest misalignment will have a tremendous, negative affect on the direction and distance of our golf ball. For years I have read and been told about how to hit my ball farther. This secret many elite players espouse is to create more torque in my swing. They suggest that by increasing the twisting motion between my lower and upper body. This all seems simple, but I can assure you that this concept is a bit more challenging than just adding more turn displacement. Every player has a happy medium on how they can physical move and this might be where the most amateurs struggle will trying to create torque. Regardless, creating torque is important, but do we really know what this means?

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Making a Decision About Your Golf Game

Making a decision about your golf game is never easy. No matter what you decide, it inevitably generates joy, frustration, consternation, frustration (oh yeah mentioned that one already) and success. It is a process that is unique to the player which no one can change. However, I want to pose a hypothetical (or maybe more real that we think) situation regarding any decision. I my view, making a decision comes in two categories: forced or intentional. The more I think about any changes I made to my golf game, the movement to a different path fell into one of those two categories.

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Dropping The Golf Ball

This article is not about the new rule of how to drop a golf ball. I think that topic has runs its course, for now. I am talking about a failure on my part to properly prepare for the 2020 golf season. I have identified my error and have decided to rectify that omission post haste. I figure that by fixing this oversight I will save a few strokes over the course of 10 rounds. For a 3 handicap player, that partial stroke, on average, each round makes a tremendous difference.

First the background information that will set the stage for my next move. As you are all aware, in February 2018, I successfully passed the Level 1 Rules Course from Golf Canada. I believe it was a good achievement and felt (still do actually) that it helped my golf game. Understanding the rules properly will save you strokes! Well, here is where my great intentions went off the rails and dropped the proverbial golf ball.

The new rules were released in January 2019 and I was not prepared to retake the Level 1 in the Rules Education Program. So, I gave myself a pass, but I did read the new rules from cover to cover. I think with everything going at that time it was a good decision. My intent was to take the course during the 2019-2020 off-season, however I neglected to follow up on my plan and as a result I did not recertify.

Well, I am disappointed in myself for letting a year go by without any follow up! I am happy to announce that this oversight is being rectified. Three days ago, I registered for the free, online Level 1 Golf Rules program through Golf Canada. This course is run by the R&A and is a universal course no matter where you live in the world. What a great opportunity for everyone who has some extra time on their hands due to COVID; I am looking forward to increasing my knowledge and saving strokes in the upcoming 2021 golf season.

After completing this new golf rules course, I plan to explore (actually complete) my Level 2 with Golf Canada. I missed the January intake, but will look to see what March has to offer.

If you are interested in learning more about the rules of golf, check out what the R&A has to offer. It is free and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!