Developing The Next Stage In Your Golf Game

Do you have plan to improve your golf game? I ask this question because many players I have talked too float rudderless through their attempts to lower their golf score. With my golf season over, I was thinking that it might be time to develop an offseason training plan in over to focus on the golf areas that need my attention. I am still mulling exactly how this plan will unfold, but I am sure that it will be similar to others I have developed in the past.

Every year about this time, I try to set some time aside for some introspection. It helps when I have some stats from the year because it allows me to have some idea where I might need some practice. Looking back at my past three years, I find that there is a correlation between my GIR and putting average. The lower the GIR percentage, the lower my putting average.

This makes complete sense because when I miss the green on my approach shot, there is a good chance that I will get the ball up and down. thus lowering my putting percentage. It makes sense right? If I was to look at my stats alone, I would think that I should focus on my putting, but that is not the case. Bottom line for my analysis is that everything points to GIR. Brian Penn from All About Golf will be clapping right now because we have had several discussions on how GIR is king.

Maybe I need to take a different approach that changes my traditional approach shots. Should I club up or club down off the tee? Should I try playing rounds of golf with just my hybrid, or without wedges? Do I need to shake up my game in order to find a new path to lowering my golf scores? These are all fun questions and I have six months to develop a strategy that will lead me down a different path that will produce greater results.

As you can tell, I am in the very early stage of figuring out my next move. The golf plan is definitely part of my journey, I just have not figure out exactly what it is going to look like. In the meantime, I will continue be introspective about my golf game.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

How To Follow Up After Great Round Of Golf

At sometime during our golf season, we have a great round where we walk off the course thinking that we have turned the corner to better play. Just to come out the next time to shoot a poor round that we want to forget. It happens to us all, even professionals. There seems to be no specific reason for this collapse, yet it still happens more than we hope or want. Keeping this in mind, how do we follow up our next score to match the great round we just played. I have a few suggestions if you are interest.

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Pondering About My Golf Day

Every morning I rise early from my slumber and slowly amble towards the kitchen. I prepare the coffee, have a small snack, and set up my computer to check the news (not just golf stuff) and of course the weather. This time of year offers some unique challenges to playing golf and each morning I like to think about my golf game and of course the activities I will do before or afterwards. It is a solid routine that allows me to wake up slowly and develop a plan to accomplish something during my waking hours.

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Leaving Strokes on The Golf Course

A recent comment on yesterdays post from Rob Courtney sparked this post. His comment: “Congratulations on your win. But we golfers do find ways of finding fault even when we are successful! Cheers, Rob.” is so true regarding the nature of golfers, I just had to expand on it. Golfers are never satisfied with their game; when the conversation starts, we usually shift towards the strokes we left on the course and how things should have been better. This might be a universal trait of all golfers, what do you think? Continue reading

Introspection of my 2016 Golf Season

Each year I take the time to analyze my previous season. It is important to see my highlights as well as my challenges in order to improve in the next year. I find that through introspection, I am able to create my off-season training plan and to prepare for the next years games.

Sometimes it is a challenging process that bruises my ego, however it is, nonetheless, important to my golf game of the future. Introspection helps me cut between the wheat and the chaff and focus on what really needs to be changed in my game.  Continue reading