The Wisdom of Jack Nicklaus

Without question, Jack Nicklaus is one of the greatest golfers of all time. We could bounce back and forth arguing who is the greatest, but that would not meet my goal of today’s article. Primarily it is to share some of Jack’s wisdom and how it applies to playing better golf. So, let’s begin! Continue reading


Golf is a Journey of Failure

Golf is a journey of persistence is nothing new to most readers. As a player with over 40 years invested in the game, I can honestly say I have failed more times than succeeded. Of course, there has to be a benchmark for this statement and fortunately it is a standard set by each player. Through introspection, I set goals each year in attempts to provide a clear path to something achievable. Unfortunately, I fail to meet most of these goals, but my yardsticks continue to advance to my ultimate goal of being a scratch golfer. Continue reading

Happy Halloween

It is that time again where the children are out on the streets, going door to door looking for the best candy. As a kid, we all shared in the excited and hope that we would be able to make the big haul. It is a time honoured tradition and I expect that tonight you will have many little ones dressed up in all sorts of costumes hoping your house gives out the best treats. Continue reading

Focusing on The Right Fix

“Focus on remedies, not faults.”

Jack Nicklaus always has pearls of wisdom. After 70 years of playing golf and being considered one of the best of all time, I would think he has learned a thing or two. This small sentence caught my eye today because it is very deep, yet should be very simple to follow. The challenge I am finding is that interpreting his words could result in me chasing my tail. Continue reading

Sinking Long Putts Lower Your Golf Score

What a profound statement! Who would have thought that sinking a long putt would help lower my golf score! I think I need to pay more attention. As I remove my tongue from my cheek, I think every golfer understands the value of expectantly sinking a long putt. Not only does it save strokes, but changes the our mood (even if it is short lived) where we start to think positive about our game. Sinking long putts provide nothing but positive aspects to our round. But I have to ask: what is a long putt? Continue reading