The Ryder Cup is Here!

The Ryder Cup is here…..finally! I love watching the Ryder Cup. There is no prize money drawing the players to France; just good ole bragging rights. You know that the Ryder Cup is a big thing in the golfing world because the four captain’s picks generate almost as much hype as a Major! The first match is on Friday and I can hardly wait to see the pairings and which player will step up to lead their team to victory! Continue reading

Peaking for the Ryder Cup

As an athlete, I have participated in many sports at all levels including national competitions. As I prepared for the final matches, regardless of the importance of the event, I tried to focus my training in order to peak at the right time. Being able to play my best when required had a direct and significant impact on the final results. The players preparing for the Ryder Cup next week are in the same boat. Two players, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, are perfect examples of peaking (or not) for the big show! Continue reading

Saving Strokes in Golf

Everyone wants to know how to save strokes in golf. Of course, the easiest way is to hit a hole in one like Ernie Els at the Travellers Championship at the TPC River Highlands, Cromwell, Connecticut, on the weekend. But, unfortunately his feat is extremely rare! There are, however, other ways to save strokes on the course; just ask Jim Furyk who shot a 58 on the final day!

We all hit errant shots while playing golf. Some end up in the woods, the pond or in the dreaded sand trap. My friend Geary has a solid game, but hates playing out of the sand!  Who can blame him right?

Continue reading

Sunglasses and Golf

The RBC Canadian Open Golf Championship is heading into the fourth day. Jim Furyk is holding a 3 stroke lead over Tim Clarke and seems near impossible to beat. Graham DeLaet shot even par on moving day and will take a miracle to win his national title. The Royal Montreal Golf Club is living up to its hype and today’s final round should be exciting and fun to watch.

sunglasses and golf

For the first three days, the weather was normal for the Montreal area with plenty of sunshine. The grass and trees are very green and when the sun shines an aura of brilliant colors surrounds the players and gallery alike. Interestingly, many players wear sunglasses either all the time, or at least during some aspect of their round. Personally, I do not wear sunglasses while playing, but wonder if it provides an advantage.

Sunglasses when fitted properly are very comfortable. According to my research, it is also important that they have the proper UV protection. It is only recently that professional golfers started wearing sunglasses and according to Robert Allenby are a must.

“Australian-born professional golfer Robert Allenby, one of the first pros on the PGA tour to wear sport sunglasses during tournament play, has said that he prefers polarized copper-colored lenses with a 50 percent transmittance rating for golfing.

“Polarized lenses help take glare and shine off the green so I can see the line better . . . The color helps me see the definition of the grass and covers all climates and light scenarios,” Allenby said in the February 2008 issue of Eyecare Business magazine.

Allenby mentioned that wearing sunglasses has helped him perform better on the links by relieving the need to squint, which keeps him more relaxed.

Following Allenby’s lead, many young players on the PGA tour are starting to wear sunglasses during tournament play, including Zach Johnson, winner of the 2007 Masters Tournament.

Also, Annika Sorenstam, perhaps the best woman golfer to play the game, with 72 career LPGA victories, has worn sports sunglasses during most of her tour wins. (

Sunglasses are definitely here to stay. The fact that many players sign endorsements to wear a particular brand has helped cement their place as must-have golfing equipment. I definitely see the benefits of wearing sunglasses, but I find it difficult to read the greens with them on. Now, it might help if I paid more that 10 dollars for a pair, but I am not really sure.

So Grateful Golfers, it is time to help me out:

  • Do you wear sunglasses?
  • If so, what brand?
  • Do you have a special lens colour?
  • What style do you like?
  • Would your recommend wearing sunglasses while playing golf?

Sunglasses are here to stay and if an advantage can be gained from wearing them, we all would like to know.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!