May I Join You?

The Boys at Voyageur Days Golf Tournament

The Boys at Voyageur Days Golf Tournament

How many times have we been asked by someone to join your group?  Usually it is singleton and they are looking for a game.  I always say yes unless I am in a Match Play Competition (this has happened only twice in 35 years)  I enjoy playing with different players and relish the opportunity to meet someone new.  But, are you really obligated to let a player join your group?

My short answer is yes!  Golf is a social game that allows individuals to meet and enjoy the company of others.  The Mindful Golfer says that golf is a contact sport and I could not agree more.  It is a great way to meet like minded people and enjoy a sport for transcends age, wealth, and background.

Other reasons that you should allow someone to join your group is – speed of play.  Generally, keeping singles and doubles off the course is great for speed of play.  I personally believe that three is the ideal number for keeping the game moving, but that is a discussion for another day.  Having a foursome play in front of a bunch singletons and doubles slows play down throughout the course and increases the frustration of those wanting to play through.  By joining up, the singles and doubles will match the speed of play and enjoy their game more than waiting all the time.

Letting others join your group improves your game.  Watching other player is always good for your game.  Sometimes a scratch player is just looking for a game and joins your group.  It is nice to watch someone play the game really well and most of the time, you learn unique things on how to play shots that you would not normally have figured out.

Lastly, it is proper etiquette.  I believe that if someone sticks their neck out and join total strangers to play a game of golf; the group should say yes.  Having a stranger in the group will help everyone remember the dos and don’ts of playing proper golf.  It allows everyone to be a little nicer!  And that is always a good think!

So remember, if someone asks to join your group, say yes!  You never know where it may lead.  I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!