Hitting Your Landing Point On A Chip

If we followed the advice of many teaching professionals, chipping would be very easy. Just hit your landing point and all would be great. Your ball would release to the distance you planned (or go in the hole) and all would be right in your golfing world. Sounds pretty easy, right! Unfortunately, it is never as easy as we think because of the plethora of variables that goes into every chip. The challenge golfers face is taking all the stressors of each chip and manifest a shot that lands on exact spot we selected during our pre-shot routine. Experience shows that this feat is a challenge in the best conditions; so what can we do to improve our chances of success?

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A Drill To Improve Your Touch Around The Green

Every golfer can recognize a player with great touch around the green. Their ball always finishes within a reasonable distance for an easy putt. As they watch the ball roll out, they assume that the results of where the ball finishes is the key to great touch around the green. Unfortunately, they are looking at the end result and not the real cause of great touch. If you really want to know how great touch is achieved around the green, we need to examine the process of chipping.

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Chipping In and Lower Golf Scores

The connection is obvious between chipping in and lower golf scores. Jarring one from 25 yards or more off the green reduces my golf score by at least two strokes a majority of the time. It makes sense because most amateurs have a low up and down percentage regardless of where they chip from. It is a stoke of luck all golfers want, but rarely achieve. I wonder why it is so difficult to achieve considering the thousands of balls I chip every year. Chipping in is not something I do on a regular basis; how about you? Continue reading

Is a Landing Area Important in Golf?

You are playing well and unfortunately you approach shot has left you 15 yards short of the green. A difficult up and down will leave you with your lowest score of the year. It is now time to put all your long practice around the green to work.

The next and important step is to determine which shot to make. Shall it be a flop, chip, pitch, or bump and run? The many variables have you thinking about which approach will be best and so the process begins. Continue reading