Life Lessons Using Golf Balls

I really do not have anything golf to talk about, but this is one of my favourite life lessons. I have talked about it before, but is still worth sharing!

Have a wonderful Wednesday! I agree that spending time with friends (having a beer) is always a good thing!

If nothing else, remember to be grateful and to focus on the golf balls.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


Happy Father’s Day


30 years ago. How time flies!

I have the best Dad in the world! I am sure this statement is being lauded around the world again and again. Of course, we think our father was the greatest because of the positive impact he had on our lives, but really, my Dad was the best. Unfortunately, our time together was far too short and over the past 25 years, I sure could have used some of his sage wisdom to get me through some tough times. Fortunately, my father-in-law was there to help fill some of the void and I am grateful for his advice, wisdom, and love along the way.

My Dad taught me so much that it is difficult to list it all. He demonstrated how to be a father through kindness and love that he showed towards my Mom everyday, how to stand up and be accountable for my actions, when to sacrifice for the good of the family, and how to have fun on life’s journey. He taught me that friendship is more important than money and to treat everyone as if they were your friend. His life lessons are the core of my being and for that I am ever grateful to my Dad

He taught me how to fish, the importance of tipping your barber, how to build a cottage, how to play horseshoes, how to hang a picture straight (well I am still learning that lesson), how to ride a bike, and why it is important to spend time with the ones you love. I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

My Dad was always around for us. His greatest gift to my siblings and I was time. He played games with us, took us places, and understood when to give us our space. He always made the time for everyone and never demonstrated frustration or disappointment when asked for help. My Dad showed me the value of personal discipline in all areas of my life. Looking back, he always seemed to know what to do at the right time.

Also, my Dad taught me how to play golf! He taught me how to swing and how to use of the different clubs. He taught me the importance of etiquette, fixing your ball marks, and where to stand on the green when someone was putting. He showed me all the fundamentals that are essential to being a good golfer. These lessons and more, I have used repeatedly for 40 years. I have taken my Dad’s knowledge and passed them on to many people as his lessons were valuable both on and off the course.

I have the greatest Dad in the world. Although he is gone, he is in my heart and I talk to him everyday! Today is a special day for all Dads. It is a day to express how grateful we are for everything they did to make our lives better.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!