Does The Speed Of The Green Actually Matter?

I do not know of any golfer who does not comment on the speed of the green during their round of golf. I know over the years I have discussed (actually complained) about the speed of the green from time to time. Looking back, I understand my frustration at the time, but have to remind myself that I have to play the conditions of the day and complaining is a waste of breath. Since I have to play the conditions of the day, I ask again: Does the speed of the green actually matter?

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Making That Clutch Putt!

You are on the 16th hole and need a birdie to keep pace with your opponent. At 14 feet, your right to left breaking putt will test all of your abilities and some! Not to mention to pressure of “having to make” a critical putt. Now we have a case of the ‘chicken and the egg’; does the mental fear affect your putting stroke or does your putting stroke affect your mental toughness? What a dilemma!

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Putting – Line or Speed?

Putting is difficult, easy, rewarding and frustrating all at the same time. This fundamental stroke is the focus of relentless discussion by the experts. How to hold the club; blade or mallet head; fat or thin grip; lag or aggressive; I could to on and on, but I think you get my point. The changing variables of putting are vast and fluid at best. Yet, sometimes a simple tip is all that is required to simplify matters and help lower your golf score! Continue reading