Louis Oosthuizen’s Swing Tips

Truthfully, I have don’t follow Louis Oosthuizen on tour. He is a top tier player who quietly goes about his business. Winning the Open Championship in 2010 and finishing 2nd, 5 times, Oosthuizen is a player who understands that it takes more than just showing up to be successful. He recently talked about three swing points he is working on and shared them so we can take his tips in improve our game.

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2019 US Open – Day 2

Well there were not many movers on day 2 at Pebble Beach; that is except to Gary Woodland. He played a solid 5 under par. The rest of the top of the leaderboard shot between 1 and 3 under. This was expected and I think the scores will be even higher on moving day as the course becomes drier and harder. I guess this what we should have expected from the second day of the US Open; tougher and windier conditions.

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Golf is a Game of Inches

I enjoy watching Dustin Johnson, Jason Day or Jordan Spieth crush the ball off the tee. Something about seeing a tiny white sphere rocket through the air with bullet like speed is mind-boggling. Yet, as we revel over the distances many professional and amateurs have gained over the past 20 years, golf remains a game of inches!

Regardless of where a player is on the course, an inch in any direction can turn a poor shot into an awesome one. Receiving a ‘member’s bounce’ or feeling utterly disappointed boils down to inches. The real challenge for most players is to understand how to maximize these inches and still crush the ball 300 yards! Continue reading

The Masters – Final Day

WOW! No kidding, all I can really say is WOW!

mastersWhat a finish to The 2016 Masters. For golfing fans, this finish could not have been scripted any better. The real winners from this Major were the fans. It seemed that the moment I turned my head away from the action, something crazy would happen!

I am not sure if you watched The Masters, if you didn’t, the last 9 holes were absolutely amazing. The number of pressure shots missed and made was epic. Through the entire 2.5 hours, some players quietly went about their business and others, not so much. If you missed it, this is what I thought were the highlights of the last day at the 2016 Masters.
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