If You Think Putting Is Not Important – Then Think Again

Putting is the great equalizer. It is the ultimately stroke saver and if you do not spend at least as much time putting as everything else, I suggest you re-evaluate your practice approach. I might sound a bit preachy or harsh at this moment, but putting really does change the entire dynamics of every golf round.

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What Is Your Scoring Distance in Golf?

I believe that the universe sends us hints, clues, and direct messages. I try to pay attention to its communication because it generally steers me in the right direction. Others will call this gut feeling, intuition, or sixth sense, but it all amounts to the same thing. The funny thing is, I was tapped three times yesterday with a message dealing with scoring distance. It seems like an odd thing, however I was doing some light reading and watching golf videos and this topic continue to show up. So, I gave it some thought and I think I am on to something that will be beneficial to all level of golfer.

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What Does It Take To Be A Scratch Golfer?

My goal to be a scratch golfer will always be at the forefront of my golfing goals. I believe that I need a vision for my future golf game to lower my handicap. On a side note, if you are wondering “A vision is a vivid mental image of what you want your business to be at some point in the future, based on your goals and aspirations.” (Queensland Government) This definition really sums up where I want to go, but how exactly do I get there? Is there a magical process to follow to make my vision come true? What does it take go be a scratch golfer?

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Fighting the Urge to Change for the Sake of Changing

It is that time again, Mid January / Early February. I get in my head and start to think about what I need to change to get ready for the 2020 golf season. Unfortunately, I am like a hamster spinning a wheel in my mind, but never really accomplishing much. It is a difficult time for many golfers in the northern climes and one I try to temper!


I Know The Secret to A Fantastic Golf Game…..Do You?

I have finally figured out the secret to a fantastic golf game! It is something I have searched for and now understand what it is! Am so surprised that I did not stumble on this easy solution earlier and save myself years of frustration. Wow, I feel lighter and invigorated for my 2019 golf season! Continue reading