My Handicap Index Is In Correction Mode!

At the beginning of each golf season, my handicap index tailspins into correction mode. This year is no different except I did not play any substantial golf last year to help stem the tide. So, as I record my games at the Golf Canada website, my index is starting to rise. I am not sure how far my index will rise, but I am mentally prepared for whatever my game will present.

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Using My Favorite Wedge to Lower My Golf Score

I have discussed effectively using my wedges in may posts. However, I am in a bit of a quandary lately, all the wedges are working just great. I have 4 options in my bag every time I chip from within 25 yards of the green. I realize that the situation, location around the green, pin location and hazards will play in my decision. However, if I have a straight shot to the green with no sand traps or hazards in the way, I can choose any of my wedges to execute a successful shot. Continue reading