Do You Have A Favourite Number For Your Golf Ball?

Of course we all mark our golf ball so we can easily identify it when playing. We by our golf balls with the numbers 1 to 4….most of the time. I recently purchase a dozen golf balls with 5 to 8 for something different. During my friendly rounds, I do not care which number is on my golf ball. I ensure my ball has my special mark, but that is about it. However, when it comes to competitions, that is something completely different.

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Marking Your Golf Ball For Success

Many players draw a line on their ball in order to help with alignment their putts. I guess some times they will use the same technique for other shots, but on the green is where I see the greatest benefit for this type of mark on a golf ball. I have tried this alignment aid before, but alas it did not work for me. However, I am sure there are many different ways to mark a golf ball that bring success to the players game.

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Ready Golf and Marking Your Golf Ball

Ready golf is a huge topic and continues to garner attention around the world. The governing bodies are trying to speed up play to attract new and younger players to the links. I think this is an admiral goal and see some changes that will help reach their objective. But, there comes a time where ready golf changes the pace of play so much that players cannot attain a groove or tempo to their game. And marking their ball on the green is a perfect example.

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Putting for Success

This year’s goal to be a scratch golfer is going very well. I maintained a good fitness program, educated myself on the finer points of breaking 100. 90, and 80, and I am starting to implement some new techniques to help build consistency and confidence in my golf swing.

My first major change is how I line up putts. Many golfers already use this technique, but until recently, I was a “feel” putter. Additionally, I would use a mark on the green about 1-2 feet in front of my ball as my alignment point for my putting line. Having a fair amount of success, I never felt the need to change – until this year.

So, after a fair bit of research, I decided to use “the line on line” putting technique. I drew a black line on my ball and decided to use that as my alignment guide.  I would read the green; pick my putting line; then match up the line on the ball with my putting line. It does take a bit of practice to align everything, but once you have the technique down, the process simplifies putting tremendously.

Putting for success

With both lines in sync, I was able to focus on squaring my putter (putter face perpendicular to the line on the ball) and making solid contact with my back 6 forward 12 putting rule. Additionally, I am able to concentrate on speed and as a result I sink more putts and my misses’ end up closer to the hole.  Overall, I am already saving strokes and as a result my season is starting off on a high note.

The main point I learned from this new technique is that my earlier putting style resulted in a closed putter head on alignment. I realized that I was setting up with a closed putter head all because the visual queues to my new alignment style caused me think. After figuring out the disconnect, I realized why I struggled with putting the past couple years.

Now that this epiphany has resulted in a positive change, I can hardly wait to see what my next round brings. Identifying a need for change through analysis was not easy, but once I decided that I required a different approach to my putting the process took care of itself. You can make changes to lower your score as well, the first step is to choose.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!