Fighting The Yips In Golf

Every golfer experiences the ‘yips’ from time to time. It is a mental challenge faced by golfers and is defined as: a state of nervous tension affecting an athlete (such as a golfer) in the performance of a crucial action. (Merriam-Webster) You know, the moments when you standing over an eagle putt to win something and your heart starts racing, palms sweat, your mind races and it is hard to concentrate. Negative thoughts start eroding your confidence to a point were self-doubt starts to rule the moment. The yips are a scary thing and dreaded by all golfers.

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Opening My Mind To All Possibilities To Lower My Golf Score

The ultimate goal of every golfer is to continuously shoot low golf scores. It makes sense because we would not keep score otherwise. To achieve the milestone of best round ever, I need to ensure that I am ready to accept the possibilities to improve my game. It is not really a challenge to try, but it is a challenge to accept the results when it flies in the face of the golf path your are travelling. Most of our physical changes require a change in mindset to be successful and this part of the process always seems to take the most time.

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A Different Golf Swing Almost Every Day

Have you ever noticed that your golf swing can change from day to day? Some days it is a smooth as silk and others we cut more wood than Paul Bunyan. I have no rhyme or reason as to the differences, but it happens. The good thing about knowing that our swing changes, I think it is important to be able to adjust my on course strategy to account for swing discrepancies. It is the nature of golf and every played should be able to go with the flow!

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Brrr…..It is Cold On the Golf Course

Fall is quickly approaching and it is time to break out the multiple layers of clothing stuffed away for golfing emergencies. My golf gloves have secretly made their way to my golf bag and my toque is already a permanent resident. So I am all set for another month or so of fall golf.

glimmer is hope



Evening golf is slowly transitioning into afternoon golf and early birds are now early morning birds. The encroachment of cooler temperatures is a fact of life living in Canada, but one most of us gladly embrace. Yet, most golfers stubbornly reject the idea of transitioning to another activity. This is where my challenges arise; staying mentally prepared to play golf as the glimmer of hope for another awesome round fades away into the horizon! Continue reading