Competing In Golf Tournaments

Golf tournaments show what kind of golfer your are and could be. The pressure of playing in a competition will accentuate our strengths and more importantly or weaknesses of our game. The area that I notice the most challenge for amateur golfers competing is on the mental side of the game. They are more concerned with what other players are doing, that they let it overshadow their game. For full disclosure, I have fell into this trap in my early years. As I mature as a player and developed my game, I found that what other players were doing was less a factor as what I am doing on the course. I am not sure there is a simple solution to the mental challenge of ignoring what other players are doing, but I seem to have know I turned the corner to success many years ago.

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Playing It Safe: A Failing In Golf

How many times have I tried to play the safe shot and failed. Knowing what the proper shot during a difficult situation is not that challenging, yet I seem to have a only a 50/50 chance of hitting a successful shot. Usually, my woes occur when I drop down to a 3 wood from my driver. For some reason, I swing poorly and pull the ball left. Sometimes, I mentally start to fail even before I start my pre-shot routine. Knowing I can physically hit the ball properly, I think my challenge is mental. What do you think?

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Rushing Your Golf Swing For No Reason

Golf is a game of tempo. There is no one correct tempo that fits everyone’s game, but there is that one correct tempo that fits your game. I have one as well and I know when I am in the groove by how I feel hitting through the ball. To be fair, my tempo does fluctuate slightly from round to round, but for the most part it is very consistent. What I do find frustrating during a round is when I rush my shot for no reason. It dumbfounds me when it happens because this wayward shot comes out of left field and usually disappears as quickly as it arrives. Regardless, any rushed shot for no reason has no place in my game and I forbid it from ever coming back!


Taking For Granted Basic Golf Concepts

As a very experienced golfer, I have played/worked/lamented/fretted over the development of my golf game. I have approached my improvement through trial and error (not recommended), education (recommended) and repeated practice (recommended). After all my efforts, I sometimes play myself into a zone where I am on autopilot and accept the routine of not thinking about my golf game. I step up to my ball and quickly make a shot with excellent, great, average, mediocre and terrible results. It is here when I take all the technique and concepts for granted. Not an ideal way to play golf I am thinking!

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Worrying To Much About The Score

Almost all golfers use their score as a benchmark to how they played on any given round. I am no different and sometimes I get so wrapped up in shooting a low score, this goal gets in the way of playing well. This might sound foolish to some, yet focusing on my score has led me down the wrong path for proper swing thoughts. It is as if I was so concerned about shooting a low score, I neglected to use the processes that lead a great round.

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