Driven to Distraction On The Golf Course

Have you ever found your mind wandering when playing golf? Well, of course you have not! You are a seasoned, elite golfer who has laser focus on every shot. If this was only the truth…..right? Distraction can come in all forms, but mostly it happens when there is some doubt in your mind on which shot to play next. This indecision opens the door for any distraction to creep in and cultivates a condition that elicits poor play and higher golf scores. Unfortunately, once we start being distracted, it is a real challenge to get our laser-like focus back. However, I have a way that works for my game and thought it might help yours as well.

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A Round Of Golf When Nothing Happens

Have you ever played a round of golf where nothing of interest every happens? You know, the rounds when you are hitting the ball okay, chipping, okay and putting okay. Your scoring is average and not matter what your thought processes are, no magic rears its head to be marveled at. It is a bland round and mentally, there is nothing you can do to prevent this mediocre round for unfolding any differently. It is as if you might as well as stayed home and cut the grass.

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The Challenge Of Hitting A Shot When Needed

We have all played a round of golf where we shot ourselves into a situation that requires a needed shot. You know what I mean when I suggest that the pressure mounts after hitting a poor shot and a solid shot is required to recover from your poor performance. Or you are in a scramble and all of your team mates are out of play and they all look to you to save the hole. There are many situations where hitting a needed shot is critical to keep a good round going. I think I have the solution or at least on that works for me!


The pressure shot I am suggesting does not have to be anything special. Sometimes we need to hit a great wedge from the middle of the fairway to set up par. Sometimes we have to manufacture something, but those shots are in a different category. I think the most common example would be putting a 3 footer for par on any hole. Making that putt more often than not is hitting a shot when needed to keep your score low. Lets go back to 150 yards and work on my solution from that distance.

The picture should give you part of my answer to success under pressure and producing that needed shot on demand.

Regardless of what situation we found ourselves in on the golf course, committing to whatever shot you selected is critical to lower golf shores. It is important to quiet the white noise and focus on success. Banishing the negative thoughts and self-doubt is all part of committing to your shot. When you take that positive step towards relieving the mounting pressure, the second part of my process kicks in.

Follow your routine as if there was no pressure on the shot. Yup, it is that simple. Follow the same pre-shot routine, shot execution and finishing your shot as per normal. Do not try to do anything different because when you do the results are not what you had intended. Play your normal game after committing to the shot. Focus on the results you want versus what you don’t want. This mental focus will allow you to hit any shot on demand during all situations.

Committing to your shot and following your routine are the two steps I use when hitting that pressure shot when needed. It might seem too simple, but I have notice over the years that most amateurs change their shot making routine because they believe they need to do something special. I would suggest that keeping things as simple as possible and relying on your skill (whatever level) to make the shot is the best path to success. Why change things and bring in an additional element of risk during a pressure shot.

So, the next time you need a specific shot; step back and take your time. Commit to your shot and execute it as per your normal game. You will find that you are far more successful and the results will be satisfying.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Controlling Your Breathing During Golf

When I first started to think about this topic, I thought that I stumbled upon something unique. As it turns out, I am not at the front of the line, however this topic is very important to my golf game because it has helped me understand that controlling my breathe helps lower my golf scores. There is more science to this topic than I originally thought. As I examined my game, I realized that I use several control breathing techniques every round.

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Arguing With Your Golf Swing

Have you ever had an argument with yourself about your golf swing. You know, when you are hitting the ball well (or poorly) and you decide that you need a change. The change many not be required, but you start to have an internal dialogue with yourself about how to squeeze that little bit extra out of your game. Sometimes this internal argument lasts for seconds and others for much, much longer. It really can be a game changer for your golf swing and usually for the worse.

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