Being Overwhelmed When Your Game is On Fire!

Have you ever been playing a round of golf and nothing is going wrong? I mean when you happen to hit an errant shot, it hits a tree or rake and lands in perfect position. I have experienced several rounds like these, but not many of the years. When they do occur, golf is so much fun that I cannot wait to play another 18 holes of golf. While these rounds are few and far between, I have played many rounds where my game was on fire and I was not able to handle the extra pressure of success.

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Day Two – Ontario Golf Regionals for the Military

Day Two did not go as planned. I had hoped to build on my great back 9 from Day One, however instead it was the best grinding round I shot in a long time. Nothing was smooth and I fought against all my natural instincts. I am not sure what happened between the two days, but after 8 bogeys and a double, I walked off the course with a satisfying 81!

The course set up was more difficult than the day before.  We used some tee boxes that were not part of the practice round, but that is how things go. I cannot control these things, so I play the course they set up. On Day Two, the course was playing about 250 yards longer. This does not see much, but considering I was struggling, this extra distance made my round more difficult. Continue reading

Mental Focus for 18 Holes of Golf

Mental focus is different than mental toughness. On the surface, they might seem the same, however, to me they are two completely different states of mind. Although golfers require both, they are not applied equally during any round. And yesterday during my early bird round, it became very clear that my lack of mental focus cost me my first sub-par round of the year! Continue reading