A Friend is Honoured By Volleyball Nova Scotia

In the past, I had the great fortune of being introduced to a fantastic coach and teacher. Morgan Snow was a volleyball coach in rural Nova Scotia who constantly developed fantastic volleyball players and overall nice young women and men. My daughter played under his tutelage and a went on to play University volleyball and Nipissing in North Bay, Ontario. Morgan has touched the lives of many a young volleyball player and was finally recognized for his outstanding guidance to the volleyball and local community. Congratulations Morgan!

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Emotional Golf – A Good or Bad Thing?

We all remember the Patrick Reed/ Rory McIlroy match during last years Ryder Cup. It was an epic battle of emotion by both players. Neither could gain an advantage over the other trough intimidation or brilliant play. Going on at the same time, was two wily veterans showing less emotion, but as much intensity for their game; of course that match was between Phil Mickelson and Sergio Garcia. In all cases, emotions were riding high and it seemed to propel these great players to new and more exciting emotional level for the fans. Both matches were awesome to watch!

I am wondering, does this type of emotion also help the average player or does it block their ability to perform?  Continue reading