Everything Comes In Threes on the Golf Course

Have you ever wondered why a strek of poor play is continues without any logical  reason. We will be playing well, then suddenly we cannot hit the broad side of a barn from 3 feet away. Then as quickly, out swing returns and we are on the right track again. I case you were wondering, you caught a case of the threes!

When I catch a case ot the threes, I generally shoot a double or triple. If ill be playing well, then suddenly then dreaded double rears its ugly head.

For example, I am playing well for 13 holes, I am confident that I can continue my good play. Then suddenly, I miss hit my drive and pull it left on this dog leg right hole. Without a real shot at the green, I choose to the smart play and aim to hit up to 25 yards tonthe green. As I make contact I realize that I am hitting fat from a fairly decent lie. This has not happened all day.

Now, I am 60 years from the green sitting directly behind a huge sand trap. Thinking I can still make par, I select my sand wedge and proceed to thin my shot into the lip of the trap. Fortunately it did not plug and rolled down to the bottom on the trap.

With an eight foot uphill shot, I steel myself and hit a smooth clean shot to about 12 feet from the pin. I was extremely happy with this recovery shot considering the last three strokes. After a lip out first putt, I walked off the green with a dreaded double because I caught a case of the threes!

Unfortunately, the above scenario happens more often that want or expect. The case of the threes is something many amateurs are prone to without any notice. There is no cure, we just have to raise our chin and play through it. It is something I hope I never experience again, but unfortunately this is just a hope. Have you ever caught a cases of the threes?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!