Controlling The Clubface Through Impact

Looking back at my 2021 golf season, I found that I had rounds where I struggled to control my ball flight. This error was generally traced back to the position of my clubface during impact. I know this because my misses are generally left (or way left sometimes) and when I look at my clubface afterwards, I found that it was closed. This challenge would come and go during my rounds and I often wondered what was the cause. Well, I think I found out my error and I thought it was worth sharing.

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Checking Your Golf Grip

I generally keep my grip as neutral as possible. Sometimes, when my attention wanders, my grip starts to shift towards the weak position. I am always looking for a way to quickly put my hands in the correct position. Now, I came across this a video that might help. I mentally went through the process described by Smash Factor and it looks like it will work. When you read this, I will be on the course giving this new process a try, so more information to follow on how it worked for my game.

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Tinkering With Your Golf Grip

I have used the same golf grip for about 15 years now. After trying all three, I settled on the interlocking grip.

I have talked about this in the past, but I have also played with my hand position and met little success. However, I have found that many amateurs like to tinker (or adjust) with their grip on the golf course as a means to try and improve their golf swing. I think this process is folly, but not my place to comment on their own path to success.

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Remembering A Small Swing Thing Pays of Big Dividends

With the plethora of things to remember on the golf course, it is not unusual to forget a swing ‘thing’ or two. While focusing on healing my back, I overlooked a basic pre-shot routine process that had a tremendous impact on my ability to lower my scores and increase my greens in regulation (GIR). Last Monday I remembered this small thing and the difference between the front and back nine was amazing!

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Golf Grip – Strong, Weak or Neutral

The golf grip is the singularly most important choice any amateur golfer makes. The slightest change to the position of the hands has a tremendous impact on whether the ball finishes in the woods or in the middle of the fairway.  Focusing on how to hold a golf club is the first step to developing a great golf swing. After choosing how to hold your hands on the club, it is now time to experiment with your hand position to decide if you need to use a strong, weak or neutral grip.

Determining if you naturally hold the club in a strong or weak way is determined by the thumb and index finger of each hand (Vs). A strong grip, the Vs are right of the centre of the shaft. As a visual cue, you can see the knuckles of your left hand. A neutral grip, the Vs are down the center line of the shaft and you can see three knuckles on each hand. A weak grip, the Vs are left of center and you can see the knuckles of your right had. (The above description is for a right-handed player; the opposite is true for a left-handed player) Continue reading