Remembrance Day 2015

Lest We Forget


Every year,  11 November is a special day to Canadians.  Tomorrow, we will take the time to honor the fallen, wounded and serving military men, women and their families. Their sacrifices have allowed for the freedoms we enjoy today.  It is important to give thanks and be grateful for our wonderful lives they protect.

This video is worth watching!

In Flanders Fields is read at every Remembrance Day Ceremony I have attended.  

The “Last Post” always chokes me up!

If you want more information please go to Veterans Affairs Canada.

Some videos and photos of serving members around the world from the Canadian Armed Forces are worth looking at.

Remembrance Day is a special occasion and I will be spending it with my brothers-in-arms. This solemn day affords me the opportunity to be grateful for the sacrifice of the men and women who have come before me.

I am grateful!