Old School Chipping Tips Still Work

With the continuous evolution of golf equipment many players are probably wondering if the old school tips still work. Has the golf swing changed or are the new innovations just building on what worked all along. In the case of chipping, the touted wrist lock is still relevant and I recommend you if you do not use it if you are not already doing so.

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Golfing Old-School: Measuring Distance

Old School Golf Clubs.

Playing golf old-school does not always mean hitting hickory shafts, wearing knickers, or wearing a waistcoat. There is so much more to old-school golf than the equipment we use. Specifically, measuring distance. It’s a lost art, but one I am fortunate to have learned when I first started playing. Measuring distance on the golf course is akin to sitting through an advanced mathematics class: simple if you understand the process, but befuddling if you have not clue what you are doing! Continue reading

Playing Golf Old School

Is this playing golf ‘Old Scool’?

Long before electronic measuring devices were introduced, may golfers, including myself, would pace the course for distances. Courses would meticulously measure ranges from sprinkler heads or as a minimum from the 200, 150, and 100 yard markers. They are used by experience players to estimate distance and I have to say that I was pretty accurate. This method of playing would be now be considered ‘Old School’. Continue reading

When Your GPS Dies on the Golf Course…..

The reliance on electronic measuring devices has exploded over the past 5 years. Virtually every serious golfer has at least one device they carry during each round. Personally, I use a Garmin Approach 6 because of the versatility it offers when playing new courses. On my home course, I do not use my electronic measuring device all the time because I know the distance to the center of the green from most locations.

Now just suppose what would happen if your GPS dies on the golf course at a critical time. Would most players panic or pull out another device. This is a question I posed a couple of days back and I think you would surprised at the answer!

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