What is Your Favourite Starting Hole?

Every golfer loves to start their round on a hole of a specific par. Some prefer a wide open tee shot or a short approach into the green. Regardless of your preference, there is a course out there that suits your desires. I have two stories about wonderful courses that offer unique challenges to my game. I loved playing both the courses, but to score well, I had get past the first hole in order to have a chance at shooting a low golf score.

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Business As Usual Preparing For My 2020 Golf Season

With just over a month to go before opening season and I feel now is not the time to change my normal preparation routine. Of course, world events have shocked everyone, but I am hoping that it will be business as usual (tongue in cheek) at my local golf course. Fortunately, we still have about 4 or 5 weeks before opening day and I am hoping that some resemblance of normal will return. Regardless, I am continuing my preparation to ensure that I am ready for my first swing at Osprey Links Golf Course.

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Update: Working The Golf Course In The Off-Season

This is an update as of 28 February 2020 on what Jeff and Craig were doing in the picture below: Well, with the crazy weather this winter, knowing we’ve had severe freeze thaw cycles trying to get a handle on how much ice is under the snow. And how and when we can remove it…

If you have ever wondered what happens at the golf course in the off-season, you should take a short trip to see your GM and Superintendent right about now! I try to keep tabs on the Osprey Links team when winter sets in because I always find out interesting things about what they do in the winter to make my upcoming golf season a success.

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Volunteering is The Cornerstone to Strong Golf in Your Area

For years, I was a golfer who participated in many golf tournaments, but rarely volunteered to help out. Well, I have decided to change that and slowly increase my involvement in organizing local golf tournaments. I believe that it is time to give back and so it begins!

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Best Golf Shot in 2019

I was fortunate enough to play golf in 2019. After fighting cancer, again, in 2018, I was thrilled just to hit the links. I was able to play plenty and worked diligently getting my game back into shape. Missing almost a complete year really sets the dials back on many aspects of my game, and the short game was the worst. Having said that, I did have some great rounds and a few spectacular shots. One in particular stands out and I thought I would share.

My best shot of 2019 was not a hole out or a hole in one. It was a 245 yard 3 wood into the par 5 10th green at Osprey links. After shooting a lazy 4 over on the front nine, I was not expecting too much on the back. It seemed to be one of those days where my game was okay, but seemed to sub-par. That is until I prepared to hit my second shot on the 10th hole.

Osprey Links 10th hole.

This downhill shot was a laser shot that never left the pin; that is until my ball landed in the grass bunker right in front of the green. (the dark grass color above) Then it popped up to the right and came to rest about 20 feet from the pin. This particular spot is challenging because I had to putt across a large slope. But hey, I was putting for eagle. So no complaints.

This particular 3 wood was pure. I hit the center of the club face and only skimmed the grass. The ball launched perfectly off my club face and felt like nothing. These are the best hits with my 3 wood and seem to only happen periodically. I reveled at the shot and knew it was something special.

I lipped out the eagle and walked off with a tap in birdie. Besides the beauty of the shot, it set up my back nine 4 under 31. It was my best back 9 of the season.

I did a quick poll and this is what respondents said about your best shot (I recommend you read the thread, the shots everyone made were amazing):

I am looking forward to 2020 and next year’s golf season. I hope to make many other shots to top last year’s best swing. Or with any luck match those of The Grateful Golfers who added to my question.

What was your best shot of 2019?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!