Ryder Cup Pairings

What is the real story behind the Ryder Cup pairings? There are no less that 1 million possible scenarios and probably 100 times more opinions on what Captains Furyk and Bjorn should do during the first two days. I have watched the Ryder Cup for years and I can say without a doubt that no matter how much brain power one puts into selecting a pairing, the results can never be determined. In my humble opinion, the pairing results come down to one thing only: chemistry! Continue reading

My Favorite Masters Pairing

“A Tradition Like No Other”, coined by Jim Nantz of CBS Sports, definitely sums up all aspects of The Masters.  It is a tournament rich in tradition and is the most anticipated sporting event in the world! There are so many aspects of The Masters that I bet you cannot just pick three; I know I can’t! With the Honorary Starters ready to do their thing in 24 hours, I was wondering who would be my favorite Masters Pairing. Continue reading