Fighting With My Short Game

I generally have a solid shot game or at least I think so. Unfortunately, I have struggled on the greens lately for no apparent reason. My putting numbers have grown only by 3, but that number is the difference between 77 and 74. At my course, I need to shoot 74 half the time out to maintain my handicap. So, for now that is my target number. As the rest of my game improves, my putting seems to be holding me back!

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Play Better Golf – Starting With My Putting

I can say that my game is starting to improve. This is no surprise given the time of year, yet there is one area where I am every please with and hope it continues. That is my putting. I have a solid feel for the greens and have only a few 3-putts this year. This is a great thing because my touch on the greens will only get better.

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