Never Say Never On The Golf Course

I know my limitations and expectations when playing golf. These important mindsets were honed over years of playing well and poorly. Because I feel I have a handle on what shots I can comfortably make, I sometimes disregard the right shot for an easier shot. For some reason my mind wanders into the “I can never make that shot” zone instead of looking at all the variables and choosing the shot that needs to be made. I really dislike it when my mind wanders and I become disappointed at my mental weakness. But what is a golfer to do?!

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Hitting the Links Today With No Plan in Place

I am hitting the course for the third time this year. My tee off is a bit later in the morning to allow for the temperature to rise. It is going to be a great time, but I do not have my usual plan in place before I tee it up. It is very early in the season and I am still evaluating my physical conditioning before I dive head first into a training plan. I have done this before, but I generally like to have some direction for each round that fits into a large scheme to improve.

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Building Your Golf Game From the Ground Up

Don’t let the title confuse you into thinking that your stance is the first part of your golf swing you have to master. Although it is very important, it is only one component of your golf game. A golf game is made up of four basic parts, each is as important as the other. Leaving out any of the four does lead to under achievement and immense frustration.

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