Infographic: Golf Terms for Beginners

When first starting golfing, most beginners and juniors are overwhelmed by the vast quantity of golf terms. Many terms focus on specific areas of play while others are adopted sayings that morphed over time through misuse or lack of understanding.

It is important for beginners, especially juniors, to build a strong base of knowledge and to develop strong fundamental habits right from the start. Proper use of golf terms is the first place to start. Therefore, The Grateful Golfer is starting a new series of info graphics focused on expanding the knowledge of beginners and in some cases, seasoned players.
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Golf Strategy: How to Play a Tight Lie

How to play a tight lie is one of the most challenging shots in golf. Proper execution is undoubtedly important, but selecting the proper shot is really the key to success! Do you putt the ball, chip it or flop it are just some of the things that go through your head as you look over the situation. I came across the picture below and thought I would get your advice on how you would play it.

Chipping for Success

How would you play this golf shot?

This shot happened a few years ago at a scramble golf tournament. My three playing partners and I were lying 2 on a par 5. As we surveyed the shot, each of us played it differently. Here is what happened:

  • The first player tried putt the ball and you can see the results in the picture.
  • The second player hit a bump and run. He tried to hit the ball short and hoped it would bounce up to the pin. His shot was short and the player picked up.
  • The third player flopped the ball, it landed on the fringe and the ball rolled up about 8 inches from the pin. It was an easy tap in for birdie.
  • I tried to flop the ball to the pin with the hopes of the ball landing just short and slowly rolling into the hole. I was unable to put a spin on the ball, so my ball released 4 feet past the hole.

As you can see, we tried a different shots to make the up and down. The success of the third player made my shot easier and thus I was more aggressive than normal. How I would play the shot is really not important; what is important is how you would play the shot!

How would you approach this shot?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Your Favorite Shot In Golf

What is your favorite shot in golf? If you take a moment to think about it, there is that one shot that you love more than any other. Maybe you like it because it keeps you out of trouble. Maybe because the ball flight is something to marvel. Or even it is because the of the sound the ball makes off your club. The reason can be just about anything, but I bet you have a favorite shot in golf.

As I think about this perplexing question, I can visualize every shot in my bag. I can see me standing on the tee as I prepare to smash the cover off the ball. With no difficulty I can see my set up for a wedge shot into the green. And I can imagine making that long left to right putt for birdie! I can visualize every shot, so narrowing down the options in my game is a bit difficult.

Well, I have narrowed down my select too three possibilities. Here are my options for my favorite shot in golf:

  1. I am on the edge of the green. The ball is sitting on top of the grass and I have to a perfect lie. I have several club selection options, but I reach for my trusty 7-iron. Following my pre-shot routine, I envision the ball going into the hole. I step up over the ball and make my swing. Right at impact, I know when I have hit the ball pure. The crisp click I hear as the ball cleanly bounces off the club face is music to my ears! I love that sound!
  2. It is 6 am on a Saturday morning. I grab my clubs out of the car and quietly walk towards the first tee. I am the only person at the course. The sun is just starting to rise, revealing the beauty of the course hidden by the night. I hear the birds announcing the morning and letting the world know that a new day of adventure has finally arrived. I stand on the tee box, survey my surrounds and breath deeply. Every time I am grateful as I take my first swing of the day!
  3. I am standing on the tee box of any par three. I check the wind, pin location, and possible hazards I must conquer to hit the green. I think of the possibilities of my next swing as I approach my ball. The risk reward of every par three weighs on my mind. Finally, I clear my head and make that full swing. The anticipation as my ball heads towards the green offers hope beyond imagination. This is a golf shot.
First Tee at Laurentide

Walking Towards The First Tee at Laurentide Golf Course

So what do you think? Well golfing fans, I will take what is behind door number 2! The serenity I feel early in the morning is really tough to beat. That first swing early in the morning is my favorite shot in golf.

What is your favorite shot in golf?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!