Driving The Ball Into The Wind

With fall in full bloom, the cool wind has a greater impact on the ball distance than during the summer. If we do not use the proper technique when hitting the ball into the wind, we can lose as much as 50 yards off our drive. That is truly frustration, but can be avoided. There is a saying that when it is breezy, swing easy. This simple statement is a challenge for most amateur golfers. For some reason, the inexperienced player things that hitting the ball harder will have better results into the wind when the opposite is true. There is a simple technique to achieve maximum distance into the wind, but it takes mental discipline to achieve it.

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Does The Wind Actually Affect Your Golf Ball

On Thursday and Saturday past, I played at my home course of Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort. At the start of the round, the wind was playing very hard and all the players in my group knew we would be adjusting our distances to account for the howling breeze. The challenge many amateurs have is understanding how much adjustment is needed to combat any breeze. For this article, I am going to offer some suggestions on how to change your club select to still hit the distances you want.

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Does The Wind Actually Affect Your Chipping?

Immediately you will answer yes to my question in the title. It is an understood tenet of golf that the wind does affect your ball flight, distance, and accuracy. I have played in strong wind conditions and make the necessary aim adjustments to ensure that my ball travels on the line that I need to chip close to the hole. As the wind blows, I often notice that the wind does not affect my results as much on my chips as on my regular shots. I understand that the height, distance, and contact play a critical role on longer shots, but I am less confident that this happens when chipping.

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