Getting Mad At Your Golf Partner

If you play in any golf team events, you have to rely on your partner to make some of the shots during your round. Depending on your handicap, the reliance might be a little lob sided. I think that is to be expected because the stronger players have a higher expectation to hit well in the clutch. Unfortunately, some teammates, who think they all that and a bag of chips, allow their ego to run their emotions. Watching opponents walk off the green as they mutter under their breath at the play of their teammates. It is at that point when the cohesion of the team falls apart.

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Sharing Golf Clubs is Legal – Who Knew!

Before we get going, this is not an April Fools joke. So you can read on in that frame of mind. I generally feel I have a good handle on the rules of golf. I figured that since I have read them, that I would remember some of the nuances of each rule. Well, I guess I need to get back into the books because I stumbled across the rule about sharing clubs that I thought was new, when in actuality it is not. Who knew?

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Pointing Fingers at Your Golf Partner

I love to play in golf tournaments. I think competition helps hone my game and make me a stronger golfer. Last year, I played in 8 tournaments that are designed as team events. Some of these were charity events and the score really was not important, but I I always like to play my best. And not matter what happens, I never point fingers at my playing partners. The whole ‘glass house’ metaphor comes to mind. I have watch other players crank at their playing partners and I think that is just bad form. Continue reading

Double Hit in Golf – Rule 14-4

Rule 14-4

Watch out for the double hit!

Today was an interesting round. There were many ups and downs, but I encountered a situation that I have not seen in about 150 rounds of golf. It is truly a rare thing and it happened twice in the same round!

On the third hole, I was playing the ball out of the long grass to beside the green. There was not much room to get my club down on the ball to make a clean hit, so I tried a scoop like shot. I used a steep down swing, mixed with a steep up swing to try to pop the ball out of the long wet grass. As I made contact with the ball, my follow through felt strange. Almost as if I was carrying the ball and helping it to the hole.

After completing the hole, I asked my playing partners what they thought. One thought I hit the ball twice. And another thought that I scooped the ball and contacted the ball only once – but for a longer than normal time. Now understand that all of this happens in milliseconds, but it was quite noticeable that something strange happened. Not knowing exactly what had happened, I called the double hit ruling on myself at the fourth tee box.

The other situation happened on the 16th hole. One of my playing partners, Mike, obviously struck the ball twice as he followed through on his short chip shot. His lie was similar to mine on the third hole and the ball did not pop out as quickly as he anticipated. So, he hit the ball again at about knee level. He also called the double hit on himself.

Rule 14-4 is very clear. Striking the Ball More Than Once – If a player’s club strikes the ball more than once in the course of a stroke, the player must count the stroke and add a penalty stroke, making two strokes in all.

Both Mike and I ended up with a double on our respective holes and walked away a little disappointed, but clear that a rules infraction had occurred.

Now here is the rub. On my shot, one of my playing partners suggested that I did not hit the ball twice, but scooped the ball. Such that the ball stayed in contact with the club head longer, but did not leave until part way through my follow through. I tried to find a ruling or anything to suggest this was legal or illegal. I cannot find anything.

So readers, I need some help. Has anyone had this happen to them before? If so, what is the ruling? Any feedback or similar story would be great. I am curious to know what you think?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!