Golf’s Most Deadly Question: What Are The Chances?

Golf is a sport of missed opportunities. Every I step up to the first tee, the shot combinations for the round seem astronomical. Like a snowflake, I have never made the same shot combinations to achieve a specific score. I think it would be impossible to hit the same shots over 18 holes, hence each round is unique as the next. Understanding that each round must be as diverse, there is one universal constant that shapes each round. The most deadly question in golf: What are the chances?

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Playing Smart Golf Is Easy

This is no glib statement. I honestly believe that every player can easily play smart golf. It is a matter of putting into practice, what you practice. This seems like a very simple process and it is; it is a matter of playing your game so that it fits the strokes your repeatedly made in the practice area. That is what I am doing and it is paying off.

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Golfing for Fun

Frog in Hole

You never know what you will find in a golf hole!

The past month or so, I have focused on preparing for a 54-hole golf tournament and lowering my score. All of this preparation was driven by focused intent and my desire to be a scratch golfer. Over the past week, I consciously took my foot off the gas pedal in order to relax and have a bit of fun before making the final push at the end of my golfing season.

The last three rounds demonstrated that having fun (a more relaxed type of fun) on the course is just as important as remaining focused during every shot. The result is two-fold.

First, I really enjoy walking around the course with my playing partners because we light-heartedly poke fun at each other.

During this time, my score raises slightly, but it is of little consequence. Additionally, I try different shots. Ones that I would not normally try, but should have in my bag in case I really need it.

For example, trying to hit over a bush when the smart play is to go under. Or, hitting my 3-hybrid from 220 yards out over a creek. Or, hitting my driver on holes that only require a 3-wood off the tee. Trying these shots go against my normal focus on course management, but the risk/reward makes my rounds a bit more enjoyable.

The second change is my wife’s interest in golfing more. This aspect of my game that excites me the most. We casually play 9 holes or hit the range for a large bucket of balls. My wife knows the fundamentals and is implementing each aspect of her swing at her own speed. If she asks for help, I am there to offer a suggestion. The part I like the most is spending time together in a relaxed and fun environment. This is my idea of fun in golf.

It is important to change things once in a while. There are times to be serious, but just as importantly, there are times to just have fun. Right now, I am doing the latter. This mid-season pause usually lasts about two weeks, however the fun of playing golf with my wife will last a lifetime.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!