Blaming Your Playing Partner During a Golf Match

Over the years, I have played many team golf matches. Most of them are fun and I have experienced our share of success. We also have met with defeat and it is during those times that the real character of golfers emerges. When the pressure to perform is on, how do you react to failure?

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Pointing Fingers at Your Golf Partner

I love to play in golf tournaments. I think competition helps hone my game and make me a stronger golfer. Last year, I played in 8 tournaments that are designed as team events. Some of these were charity events and the score really was not important, but I I always like to play my best. And not matter what happens, I never point fingers at my playing partners. The whole ‘glass house’ metaphor comes to mind. I have watch other players crank at their playing partners and I think that is just bad form. Continue reading