“Good Shot” – An Over Used Saying in Golf

I try to be a polite player when on the links. I believe it is important to compliment my opponent if they do something worthy of saying “good shot”. Unfortunately, many players automatically respond to any shot with a positive platitude. Personally, I find this annoying and would prefer my playing partner not feel the need to comment of every shot. Let me explain!

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Listening to Your Inner Golfer

Who do you listen to on the golf course? Your buddies who are no better than you or some stranger who thinks they know the game? When you are selecting a club to hit a baby draw into a tight pin, who do you rely on to provide guidance or sage advice? If you do not know the answer to this question and are routinely puzzled by the answer, then maybe you need to look at your golf game differently. Continue reading

A Bad Round on the Course is Better Than…..

As you might have guessed, yesterday’s round of golf was terrible. I actually stopped counting (well not really) after the front nine 6 over 42. It was not the score that was the challenge, it was how I was swinging the clubs. Nothing felt smooth or natural. It was if I was fighting the entire round. By the end of 18 holes, I was tired and emotionally drained. Does this sound familiar? Continue reading

Never Give Up on a Round Of Golf

The title might lead you to believe that I am going talk about grinding out a round after a slow start. Or I might suggest that one shot is all that it takes to change your fortune on the links. All of these ideas are definitely true, but it is easy to talk about hope when the chips are down. What about when you are playing really well and you are waiting for the other shoe to drop. You know what I mean; that time when your round is going so well that when you make a poor shot, you are relieved because the inevitable happened. Talk about setting ourselves up to fail! Continue reading