A Great Golf Message From – “Golf is Mental”

I do try to read as many golf blogs as possible. The provide me with great information and sometimes inspiration for my writings. This is the case from Josh at Golf is Mental and his article “When Less is More”! I recommend you head over to his site and read this (and other articles); they provide some great insight for amateur golfers looking to improve their game.

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Do You Really Mean “Good Luck” to Your Opponent?

Saying good luck to your opponent is perfunctory at best. I think it is a traditional and automatic statement we offer our opponents before we tee it up in competition. It is one of those things that is a habit more than anything else and I am not confident we really mean it. Do we really want or opponent to have lucky bounces that could lead to our defeat…..I think not! Wishing “good luck” is like asking someone how they are doing today and hoping they don’t actually tell us. It is a wasted statement!

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“Good Shot” – An Over Used Saying in Golf

I try to be a polite player when on the links. I believe it is important to compliment my opponent if they do something worthy of saying “good shot”. Unfortunately, many players automatically respond to any shot with a positive platitude. Personally, I find this annoying and would prefer my playing partner not feel the need to comment of every shot. Let me explain!

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Listening to Your Inner Golfer

Who do you listen to on the golf course? Your buddies who are no better than you or some stranger who thinks they know the game? When you are selecting a club to hit a baby draw into a tight pin, who do you rely on to provide guidance or sage advice? If you do not know the answer to this question and are routinely puzzled by the answer, then maybe you need to look at your golf game differently. Continue reading