The Height of Hubris

Refusing to accept a situation has the potential to be devastating. In golf, this is more real than in most sports. Refusing to “take your medicine” after a poor shot is a perfect example. Hubris negatively affects a golfer’s ability to think and remain focused on the big picture. The greatest example of this is from the movie ‘Tin Cup’, where Roy McAvoy hit 4 balls into the water just to prove he could hit the ball on the green with a three wood. In this case he went from tied for the lead to 10th place at the fictional US Open. Continue reading

Pride or Ego – Does it Affect Your Golf Game

Yesterday, I asked the question if pride or ego was helping or hurting your golf game. It was a simple question that has a tremendous impact on your game. Many do not realize how it slowly creeps into your mental focus and your swing mechanics, but it does.

As I look back at my previous posts, I think I may have fallen into a trap. My earlier thoughts were that pride or ego was a bad thing and it needed to be controlled. Now, I am not so sure. I am wondering if there is a place for pride or ego in my game. Continue reading